Learnico provides a mobile-based application for smartphones that enables students in the classroom to interact digitally with the teacher by - viewing the live presentation, interactively answering questions, and taking part in other activities such as games, quizzes.

Some of the features are:

  • Directly Connect to Online Classroom
  • Teachers Presentation Live on Mobile
  • Whiteboard for Live Classroom
  • “Screen Sharing” in Live CLassroom
  • Various Interactive Question Types
  • Provision for “Open-ended” Questions
  • “Teaching Plan” of Each Subject
  • Teachers Notes/Content to Study at Home
  • Multilingual Support

Super Campus:

SuperCampus is an innovative Mobile App that offers participative learning and active interaction for students and teachers through question-answers. It is a face-to-face session, where every teacher comes to know the attentiveness of the student in class. It is used to identify each learner independently. This app is able to track the performance of the students. Also it generates group statistics which enhances healthy competition among students.

Academic Monitoring:

ERP provides a simple interface for maintenance of student information. It tracks all the details of a student from the day one to the end of the course which can be used for all reporting purpose, tracking of attendance, progress in the course and all these will be available through a secure online interface of ERP.Academic Monitoring Module is one of the modules of ERP, in this section college staff can add e-materials such as assignments, notes, subject practical and useful links.

Google Classroom:

Google Classroom saves you time and paper, and allows you to create classes, post assignments, and communicate with your students with ease. It also allows you to see which students have completed their assignments and you can provide direct, real-time feedback and grades. Google Classroom essentially puts all of your assignments, announcements and student work right in one place. No matter what subject you teach, Google Classroom is a great tool for sharing information with your students, collecting their work and providing feedback.