Services Offered

Library provides following services:

  • Home Lending
  • Inter Library Loan facility is available with (MOU) 
    • H.P.T.Arts & R.Y.K.Science College Nashik.
    • YCMOU, Nashik
    • Kusumagraj Pratisthan/Smarak, Nashik
  • Reference Service
  • Information display and notification
  • Internet browsing facility with N-LIST Access
  • Download and Printing facilities
  • Reading Room
  • Periodical and Newspaper Reading
  • Newspaper Clipping
  • New arrivals display stand
  • Question papers and syllabus available.
  • Library has collection of e-books also 5 volumes “Gitarahasya” of e-Sahitya Pratishtan in Marathi & 2 vol. in English are available. 300 books of ‘Maharashtra Rajya Sahitya ani Sanskriti Mandal’ in PDF format is available in library.
  • 350 offline as per CD format PDF


Library Membership

  • All admitted students and faculties are members of library.

Identity Card

  • Identity card is necessary for all students in college campus.
  • Without I-card library reading material will not be provided.
  • Students should show their I-card as and when demanded by library staff.
  • I-card is valid for one academic year only.
  • In the case of loss of I-card, the member/student should immediately inform the Principal/Librarian.

Book Circulation

  • A book will be issued to a members/student only in their member account.
  • Books should be returned to the Library on or before due date. If not returned on or before due date, students will have to pay penalty / fine.
  • Dictionaries, encyclopedias, journals publication, bound volumes and such other documents cannot be take on library account or I-card except with the permission of the library authority.
  • For reading room purpose books will be issued on I-card and these books need to be  returned on the same day.

General Rules

  • Mobile is not allowed in campus.
  • For detailed rules see the Notice Board in Library.
  • For any difficulties about Library, immediately contact to the Librarian.


Library Timings

Note: The library remains closed on Sunday & on college holidays. The library is kept open on holidays during examination season for the convenience of students.

(a) On working days

8.00 am to 5.00 pm


Intellectual Power

Librarian Mr. R.B. Wagh  (M.Com., M.Lib.,& M.Phil) Library Supporting Staff:

Sr. No.

Name of Staff



Mrs. K.D. Patil

Lib. Clerk


Mrs. D.M. Garge

Lib. Clerk


Shri. Balaji. S. Jagtap

Lib. Attendant

Useful Links

·  Project Gutenberg (it offers over 53,000 free e-books)

·  Open Access Journals

·   Psychology : Indian Journal Of Psychiatry

Microbiology:   Indian Journal Of Medical Microbiology

Home Science : Journal Of Indian Association For Child And Adolescent Mental Health Food And Nutrition Bulletin

Sociology ; Indian Journal Of Community Medicine Humanities : Rupkatha Journal On Interdisciplinary Studies In Humanities

Science And Technology Indian Journal Of Science And Technology Current Science Journal of Earth System Science Science Sadhana Bulletin of Material Science

Statistics : Electronic Journal Of Probability Journal Of Statistics Education Management : RBI Bulletine Finance And Development  :

Interdisciplinary ; Economic And Political Weekly Yojana Seminar Journal Of Family Welfare Journal Of Economic Education

Physics Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy Education Oxford  : Old Question Papers :

Biology : Journal of Bioscience Journal of Genetics

Chemistry    : Chemical Technology Journal of Chemical Science

Mathematics Algebraic And Geometric Topology : Electronic Journal Of Differential Equation : Differential Geometry Electronic Journal Of Linear Algebra  : Geometry And Topology  : Electronic Journal Of Qualitative Theory Of Differential Equation New York Journal Of Mathematics   : Mathematical Physics Electronic Journal : Journal Of Graph Algorithms And Applications  : Journal Of Integer Sequences : Proceedings – Mathematical Science   :