About Library

The central library of K.K.Wagh Arts, Commerce, Science ,Computer Science College, Saraswati nagar Nashik was established in the year 2002-03.It is renamed as ' Prof.Vasantrao Kanetkar Central Library' in 2014 & Central Library built up area is 4921.81 Sq.Feet. Since then library has made consistent progress in the terms of collection of books, perodicals, CD's services and infrastructure provided. 

The books in the library are bar coded & E-Library facility is provided with 14 computers & 2 Mbps broadband connectivity in progress. 


The purpose of library is to freely disseminate knowledge. Our library is therefore operated on a need based approach rather than the usual rules-based treatment given to students. We allow open access to the collection and encourage students to browse through the stacks. 


1) Enrich Collection
2) Optimum utilization of existing resources
3) Enhancing reading habit in students and staff. 


Mr. Rajaram B. Wagh 

He obtained his PG(M.Com) in the year 1991 from K.T.H.M. College Nashik. In 2005 he has completed M.Lib , I.Sc & M.Phil from Y.C.M.O.U..He joined (1995) the K.K.I.E.E.R., Nashik Kusumagraj Central Library  as a Library clerk. In 2005 he got transfered to K.K.Wagh Sr. College as a Asst. Librarian & K.K.Wagh College of Education Nashik,as a Librarian (2009).At present he is working as a Librarian in K.K.Wagh Sr. college Nashik.