The Scheme of  Board of Student Welfare under  University of Pune is implemented in our College. Under  this  various activities  such as ‘Students’ Council Election, Earn and Learn, Personality Development Workshop, Special Guidance Scheme are conducted. Prof. Anagha  Kannav is working as Student Welfare Officer since 2012-13.



During the Academic Year 2013-14 the various activities conducted under Board of Student Welfare are as follows:

Students’ Council Election:

           Under this activity the college provides a strong platform to the students for the development of skills of good governance and representation. This year the Election of General Secretary was conducted on Saturday, 14th September 2013. Ms. Rashmi Bhamre from T.Y.BCS was elected as General Secretary of the college. Master Vikas Dahiya, Ms.Sonam Shubhdarshani and Master Piyush Chhajed were elected as Sports,NSS, and Cultural representative respectively. This activity is conducted under the chairmanship of DR.V.M.Sewlikar, Principal of the College.


                   Students’ Council Election held on 14th September 2013


Earn and Learn Scheme:


         The main objective of this scheme is to develop a student as a multifaceted personality with academic excellence. It inculcates the ideology  “no work is small or Big” and develops the work culture with right attitude. During this year total 20 students enrolled their names and worked for different departments such as Library, Office, Exam Section and various Laboratories.


Personality Development Workshop:

   This Scheme aims at development of confidence and personality of girl students. During this year  the workshop was conducted on 20th January 2014. Mrs. Ashwini  Kulkarni activist of NREGA inaugurated the function. She delivered the lecture on the topic “Constitution and Me”. Journalist Mrs.T ejas  Baste guided the student on the topic “If I can why not you?” In the last session Dr. Shama Kulkarni deliverd the lecture on “Good diet for Healthy Life”. Total 60 students attended this workshop.


Mrs. Ashwini Kulkarni : Activist of NREGA                       Journalist Tejas Baste



                                                                 Dr. Shama Kulkarni: Dietitian








Special Guidance Scheme :

This scheme is specifically implemented for First Year Students of all faculty. Under this scheme total 30 lectures are conducted . Various Experts like Dr.Aruna  Kushare ,Prof. Lata Pawar, Prof. V.A.Mane, Prof Sneha Ghule deliverd  lectures on the topics like Amalgamation of Partnership Firm, Writing Skill, Tools and Technique in Bio-technology and Infection Control etc.


               Prof. Lata Pawar                                                           Prof. Neelima Jadhav