Welcome To K.K.Wagh Arts,Commerce,Science and Computer Science College,Nashik.
Sr.No Name of the Staff Qualification Designation Subject
1 Prof. A. H. Bendale M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.Phill.,N.E.T. Faculty I/C B.C.S. Electronics
2 Prof. V. V. Gosavi M.Sc. Faculty I/C B.C.A. Computer Science
3 Prof. H. N. Dandgaval M.Sc,N.E.T. Asst. Prof. Electronics
4 Prof. S. S.Wagh M.Sc.,N.E.T. Asst. Prof. Computer Science
5 Prof. S. A. Sovitkar M.Sc.(Info.Tech) Asst. Prof. Computer Science
6 Prof. M.K.Borse M.Sc. Asst. Prof. Computer Science
7 Prof. P. S. Malani M.Sc. Asst. Prof. Computer Science
8 Prof. R. Sandhan M.Com,MBA,DTL,SET. Asst. Prof. Statistics
9 Prof. R. S. Kokate MCA Asst. Prof. Computer Science
10 Prof. A. S. Gijare M.Sc Asst. Prof. Computer Science
11 Prof. P.D. Marathe M.Sc. Ass.Prof. Computer Science
12 Prof.K.Purkar M.Sc. Ass.Prof. Computer Science
13 Prof.K.U.Shinde M.Sc. Ass.Prof. Computer Science
14 Prof.Rajiv Kanojiya M.Sc. Ass.Prof. Electronics
15 Prof.Sayali Magar M.Sc. Ass.Prof. Mathematics
16 Prof.Mayur Ushir M.Sc. Ass.Prof. Electronics
17 Prof.Sonali Marathe M.Sc. Ass.Prof. Computer Science
18 Prof.Jayshree Kunde M.Sc. Ass.Prof. Computer Science
19 Prof.Lokhande Manisha M.Sc. Ass.Prof. Mathematics
20 Prof.Patil Kiran M.Sc. Ass.Prof. Computer Science
21 Mr. K. Vaidya M.Sc. Technical Developer Computer Science
22 Mr. Sachin Gajare M.Sc. Lab Asst. Computer Science
23 Miss. R. Khalkar B.Sc. Lab Asst. Computer Science
24 Mrs. Lalita Aglawe Diploma In Computer Lab Asst. Computer

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  • All Students of Computer Application [BCA] & Computer Science Department should note that E-Merge2018 Activities will be held on 16/01/2018 upto 18/01/2018

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